Tasks of the Board

Organising and running the Board

  • Define and communicate the scope of the powers, roles, and responsibilities to be adopted by the Board and Management respectively – who does what? How much authority do Chairman and CEO have? Tell everyone who needs to know
  • Devise Board composition and organisation – relevant committees: Each individual’s role and responsibilities: Identify any gaps and plan to fill: Timing of any changes
  • Select, appoint, induct, develop, and remove Board members and company secretary – Succession: Skills specification: Appraise individual performance: Training needs: Removal
  • Obtain advice from external specialists – Agree contract: Select: Appraise
  • Plan and manage the conduct of Board business – Reporting procedures: organisation of meetings: assign members tasks: pre-Board briefing arrangements
  • Develop and improve the effectiveness of the Board as a group of individuals.

Board tasks

  • Vision, mission, and values – the broad direction of the organisation
  • Strategy and structure – to ensure survival and prosperity and to stimulate its renewal, regeneration and growth
  • Supervision of management – agree, monitor, and control implementation of strategy, policies and plans, legal and fiduciary obligations
  • Responsibility to stakeholders, both contractual and obligatory – develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders to promote and meet their legitimate interests.

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