Time management

Myths and misunderstandings

  • You can not store it, invest it, carry it over to the next day or do anything with it except USE it.  Time can not be managed.
  • You can neither increase nor decrease the amount of time you have.  The allocation to everyone is the same – 525,000 minutes a year.
  • People are mistaken when they say they are wasting time.  What they usually mean is they are spending it on some sort of wasteful activity.
  • Another myth is the saying that “Wasted time is wasted money” because time itself has no value.  What gives it value is the use to which you put it.

Self management

  • So-called “Time Management” is really all about time usage. It is about how you use that resource.  Getting more done in less time is not a matter of time management but of “Self Management”.
  • You have no choice but to spend every second of the time you have, so the key factor is not time but what you DO as the seconds, minutes and hours tick away.  It is not a manageable resource, whereas you are!
  • Nobody at work has total control over all events, interruptions and changing conditions are the expected norm.  But we can not function effectively if we allow ourselves to be dictated to at all times by the demands of other people.  On the other hand we have to provide a high quality of service and deservedly earn a reputation for being consistently co-operative.
  • To achieve optimum efficiency you must develop the skills offsetting priorities , delegating, working to deadlines, gaining co-operation, goal setting and action planning.  It may not be possible or desirable for you to work harder or to make the working day longer.  But instead of trying to work harder, work smarter and you can achieve more in less time.
  • To become a skilful time user a person must be willing to change habit-formed ways of working and, even more demanding, to change attitudes and behaviours.  These changes take determination and patience, but the rewards are immense.
  • You get more done in less time, you feel on top of things because you are more in control; you avoid stress by eliminating many of its causes.
  • At last you have sufficient time to think more about what you are doing and to plan what you intend doing.

Please keep an open mind.  Nothing is impossible!

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