Family business links

There are a number of specialists around the world. Here are a few I have come across; their websites are worth a visit.

Family Business Network

An international body for family firms, based in Switzerland. They have set up chapters in various countries and hold an annual conference, that brings together family businesses and family firm advisers.

BDO Stoy Hayward

One of the first major accountancy firms in the UK to set up a specific Family Business department.

Family Firm Institute

An American based body for family businesses and advisers. Also hold an annual conference.

Narva & Company

Narva & Company advise family controlled enterprises across diverse industries. Under the direction of its founder, Richard Narva, the firm has brought an interdisciplinary perspective to its clients for nearly three decades. Their commitment to the integrity of the family remains the foundation of their work.

Family links

My wife, Christine, is involved with our local Women’s Institute.

Daughter Tanya works part time for EOG Association for Conservation.

Her husband Peter Bascombe is an independent Chartered Surveyor and Land Agent, working primarily in Cumbria.

Son Hilgrove is a music composer and reviewer at Impulse Productions (currently under re-construction).

His wife, Lesley-Ann, is an independent HR consultant with particular skills in TUPE negotiations.

Daughter Helen, and her husband Duncan Watts, live in Oxford. He is a part time vet and they are developing a business in Life Coaching and Relocation.

My other interests

Member of the West Midland Bird Club, and chairman of the Trustees.

We live in Chaddesley Corbett.

We both play tennis in Birmingham, at EPC Ltd and Cutnall Green Tennis Club.

Our church is the Unitarian New Meeting, in Birmingham.

Family history is stored using the Pedigree system.

We have a lovely family home in the Algarve, in Portugal, that is available to rent at certain times of the year.

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